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He smiled as he shook his head, moving closer to where she was standing. She always looked amazing, not matter what she did. He knew she could be one of those women in sweats and would look gorgeous regardless. “Forget about you? That is an impossibility if I’ve ever heard.” He spoke kindly.

Looking where she was pointing, Caspian nodded his head, “That sounds like a good place to be.” He remarked, walking beside her, drawing closer to the place she pointed. “Good spot, gotta love sitting by the lake.”

He chuckled softly, almost in awe of her graceful way that she sat down on the blanket. After a moment, he followed suit and sat down across from her. “So tell me, how has everything been for you and the girls?”

Of course he would say something charming as that, but it still made her smile with some pink on her cheeks. ” I understand you must have been very busy, but I didn’t hear anything from you for a long time and I missed you.” Beryl confessed.

” It’s suck a wonderful day, it’s been raining a lot lately and I don’t want to waste the beautiful view.” Beryl said as they walked to the chose spot, feeling him getting closer making her heart beat. She still covered herself with the umbrella, since it was around lunch time and the sun was at it’s strongest and having such a pale skin as she had could be hurtful.

Beryl opened the basket and started placing the different treats around the tablecloth. ” I’ll be honest, I didn’t prepare these.” There was no point in lying about it, it was no secret Beryl was not a great cooker. Not that she was bad at it, she just didn’t enjoy it. ” But I everything is fresh and healthy, so I’m sure they are still good and tasty.” She handed him one of the iced tea bottles and then opened the different containers, revealing the sandwiches, onigiris and fruits. ” Oh, we’ve been fine. The girls are doing great, though they keep me worried since there’s a new threat…” She mentioned, not knowing if he was aware of it or if he had encountered any unwanted creature.



The pen. the one she had her eye on was snatched up by the redhead and tossed with little care into her basket. She was gazing into the basket, dispirited. If someone else bought something that cute— the last of it even— Ikuko had lost the cherry on her back-to-school sundae.

'It was perfect, too.'

Suddenly, she’d caught the other’s attention. She glanced back and forth between the graceful new face and the basket in her hands.

"I-I..— Well, I was just…remarking at how much stuff you were carrying..and then you sort of…picked up something I was planning to buy."

Of course, it was a small thing like a pen, something incredibly replaceable and there probably other cute pink ones elsewhere so she didn’t have to call attention to it. But Ikuko had already latched on to the very last of them that had a decorative cap. She had adjusted herself by now, looking on with a neutral expression, but still feeling the sting of defeat.

Ikuko hadn’t realized yet, but the two had actually even picked up the same of a few other things, as far as pink things with bunnies or hearts on them.

Beryl noticed how the woman kept glancing back at her shopping basket. Maybe she was surprised, Beryl was aware that she was buying a huge amount of school supplies but she was already used to buying everything for four and in all those colors. ”Oh, yes, I have four girls so whenever it is shopping time it’s always this crazy. Specially because they are always losing or breaking their supplies, it’s always a great idea to have extra ones, a lot of them.” Beryl said with a smile, sounding pretty proud.

”I did?” She asked, actually surprised. Beryl kept smiling friendly as she glanced down at this woman’s basket as well. She was buying school supplies as well, she could tell some of them were probably for a boy but the others were for someone very feminine who liked pink. She spotted some bunny notebooks as well. ” Must be because one of our kids have the same style, I’m also getting those bunny themed notebooks.” She mentioned as she pointed at them.

Beryl didn’t think too much about the woman’s comment about the item she grabbed first. She didn’t sound mad about it and besides, Beryl had gotten to it first and whatever it was, she wasn’t going to give up on it anyways.

” I glad to see such a variety on the supplies, they offer all kind of designs and colors. It really helps when you have to buy as many as I do.” She commented.

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Was it silly to be so excited for this time of year? Back-to-school; and the younger ones like her Shingo and Chibi Usa who still had to go would be returning to an enriching routine of education for some time. Of course, it didn’t exclude any fun, but preparation for the future and academics were the main focus. And what was need to do that? School supplies~!

   Ikuko took it upon herself to go about selecting any necessary things the kids might need, writing tools, anything marked whatever symbol they liked or themed with whatever thing was trending nowadays. In her browsing, a sparkly, pink pen was spotted with a pink heart topping the cap. It was some plastic jewel, but still very cute. Ikuko would’ve grabbed it immediately, had she not been distracted by the contents of another woman’s basket.


It had loads inside, it couldn’t have been all for one person, and she’d exclaimed audibly enough for someone very within earshot. They were in the same aisle.

'That's a lot of stuff. The green notebook, erasers, the blue calculator, the pink pencils.. I wonder how many kids she's buying for?'

The shopping list was so incredibly long; notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, markers, rulers, scissors… Not only did it never end, but she had to buy all those items for fours, and of course, Beryl took the trouble to choose personalized supplies for the girls.

JunJun had green notebooks and binders, Beryl found some with bike images on them, CereCere’s were pink and some yellow and finding them with floral patterns on the covers was easy. For PallaPalla blue ones and the woman was very happy that she found one with bubbles on it’s cover, and finally, Chibiusa’s were pink with hearts and some had cute bunny pictures on them. The rest of the supplies went along those themes for each girl.

Beryl had already been at the store for an hour, luckily it was just her. The girls and her had decided she would go there alone, it would be easier, faster and more effective. She could imagine PallaPalla getting lost and playing/destroying the dolls section, JunJun probably jumping around and making a mess at the sports section. The other girls, Chibiusa and CereCere would be the ones who would behave the best, but Beryl still insisted on going by herself.

She sighed tired, as the basket was very heavy but she still had some things to find. She stopped after seeing an extremely sparkly and pink pen, which Chibiusa would probably love, so without a doubt she grabbed it and placed it on the basket. The pen buried under under a bunch of black and blue pens Beryl threw in there as well.

That’s when she noticed the woman next to her. ”Oh, sorry, did you say something?” She asked a bit confused, since she knew the other had said something but Beryl couldn’t really hear since she was mentally counting pens.


Caspian knew that if there was one person that he could actually count on nowadays it was Beryl. Surprisingly even given their past, but after meeting her again, she was still the closest person to him. Though Jade was climbing up those ranks pretty quickly enough and between talking to Mamoru, dealing with the back and forth with Kuro and his rekindling friendship with Ami, it was a lot to take in.

He was up early, preparing a few things for their picnic since he could cook the warmer things that wouldn’t be so bad once chilled, placing them in containers. He was tempted to tease Beryl by bringing a wine bottle, but he didn’t know how she’d react to that especially in the afternoon for a picnic. He knew that Beryl would probably bring more than plenty for them to eat so Caspian didn’t want to overdo something, instead wishing to enjoy the company that she often brought to him.

He left for the park, wearing a grey shirt and a pair of his best black trousers, and black shoes, trying to keep himself as casual as he could. He arrived about ten minutes after Beryl did, lifting up a hand to her in a gentle wave as he walked over to where she was standing. “Been some time, hasn’t it?”

A bright smiled appeared on her face as she saw the young man approach her. He looked wonderful, as he always did. Beryl waved back at him , still holding the umbrella that protected her from the sun.” I thought you’d forgotten about me, Caspian. ” She said with a soft tone with a smile on her. ” It’s such a beautiful day, perfect for a picnic.”

She looked around and spotted a perfect place where they could sit down and chat, as well as enjoy their snacks and the day. ” How about we go there?” She said pointing with her long finger at a tree near the lake, they could sit under it’s shadow but they would still be warm.

They walked to the spot and Beryl placed the basket on the green grass. ” I brought a tablecloth.” She said as she opened the blanket and pulled out the folded tablecloth, it was white and blue. Beryl extended it on the ground and placed the basket in the middle and then sat down elegantly making sure her clothes didn’t get dirty.

Once Beryl finished reading PallaPalla’s bed story and tucked her in bed, she quickly checked if Chibiusa and JunJun were asleep too. As they were, she headed to her room and waited for CereCere to arrive as she brushed her long red hair.

Beryl heard a knock on the door and told the girl to come in. ” Sit with me.” She said softly patting her bed, so they were comfortable to talk. ” You said you had something to tell me as well, would you like to go first or do you want me to?”

'' CereCere, sweetie, can I talk to you for a moment?''


"Of course, Beryl. I want to talk to you as well."

” Let’s meet in my room after dinner, when the girls go to bed.”