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"I’m sorry," was his immediate, inborne instinct. Guilt over expecting too much over his master and his bride intermingled with the guilt over second guessing Beryl of all people, and it showed in his stormy grey eyes. It probably wasn’t worth whinging over Mamoru not being the type to text first, or how frustratingly middling his relationship with Caspian was going. 

"I bumped into Nephrite the other day. He hadn’t the faintest clue who I was," he said, abruptly changing topics. Something light.

"He’s giving salsa lessons uptown."

Beryl looked at him unsure of what to say for some time, until she drew a subtle smile on her lips and looked away, focusing on her tea. It was not her idea to make things uncomfortable between them all of a sudden, so she was glad that he changed subject.

”Nephrite?” She said frowning a bit. ” So he has no memory-” But that piece of information made her laugh. Not giggle covering her mouth, Beryl laughed like she hadn’t done in a while. ”You can’t be serious, Kuro, salsa? That was unexpected, please tell me more.”


La Reconquista- Armored Queen


"Beryl, it’s me. If there’s anyone you can talk about this, ask questions or get angry at this person is me.” She spoke quietly. “I know this is triggering.” She murmured.

"I wouldn’t know if his cologne is still the same. He… he is now called Hayato. He’s a journalism student and he continues to hit on women older than him. His appearance is still the same."

”To be honest, Setsuna, I don’t know how to feel about it.” Beryl said. ” It is triggering, yes… But am I feeling angry? Sad? Or could I possibly be feeling, for some reason, somewhat…” She sighed and shook her head. She couldn’t believe her own words and thought, and she felt so ashamed of saying those things out loud in front of Setsuna. after

”Hayato…” She repeated then she rolled her eyes. ” Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything else from him, I’m not surprised. A journalist student?  I guess I can see that…” Beryl went silent for a couple of minutes, unsure of what to say or how to proceed. ” Thank you, Setsuna, for letting me know. Do you know if the girls know about this? I haven’t heard them say anything, but they don’t always tell me everything, of course.”

Beryl brushed some strands of hair away from her face and looked at Setsuna in the eyes. ”And how do you feel about this?”


"Chibiusa hadn’t mentioned she was staying with you," he said with more surprise than he should have. No wonder Beryl wasn’t striving for anyone’s approval- as long as she kept the future Earth’s heir clean, fed and educated, Chibiusa’s parents were in no position to critique. Kuro hid behind his teacup for a moment, frowning.

"What do you think of all this? Jadeite is taking care of Kousagi, and you’ve taken in Chibiusa. The trust is comforting on some level, and the girls are wonderful," he paused for another sip of tea. All this frank honesty was making him incredibly thirsty.

"I’m not questioning Jadeite or your competency. I’m only curious to why Mamoru and Usagi haven’t taken them in? Wouldn’t the girls be safest around them?

I’m only worry you’re being taken advantage of.”

Beryl sighed, gently resting the cup of tea back on the table before glancing back at Kuro. ” Are you sure you are not questioning it?” She asked with an extremely soft voice.

” You see, Chibiusa staying with me wasn’t mainly my decision. She and my girls, are a team, and they needed to be together. It was their decision and the most logical one at the moment, there wasn’t any other option really. I didn’t really ask them permission.” Beryl said, clearly avoiding to pronounce their name as the mere sound of them irritated her so much. ” The girls might be their future daughters, but the ones living at this time, our present, are in no way capable of taking care of such young girls. They might have fun playing house by themselves for the time being, but the girls needed to be in a protected and safe environment. As well as to live with people who are powerful enough to take care of them and protect them without it being too obvious.”

Her index finger wrapped around the cup’s delicate handle. ” As much as I enjoy your company, Kuro, I detest the fact that I have to explain myself and justify my decisions and how I live to you. And I feel like we had a similar conversation last time we saw each other.” Beryl took a sip of her tea. ” I’m really going to have to ask you to stop worrying about me like that as I’m a grown independent woman and I know how to take care of me and those who I care about.”



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"How's our daughter doing? Y'know, Juliet. Does she know I'm her other mother yet?"

”Do not call her our daughter. She is mine and you’ll never be a part of her life. Do not try anything or I’ll make you regret it.”





Upon hearing the news, and already disappointed that Nephrite and Hawk Eye are also alive, Setsuna bought a one way ticket to Botswana and never returned to Tokyo.

”Mind if I tag along?”

"We can travel the world together."

"You cannot leave me here."

”It’s too late for you… We gotta save ourselves.”


Upon hearing the news, and already disappointed that Nephrite and Hawk Eye are also alive, Setsuna bought a one way ticket to Botswana and never returned to Tokyo.

”Mind if I tag along?”