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Hello, I am Queen Beryl, Commander of the Dark Kingdom . [I only RP strictly with SMRP IU, which means I don't RP with other fandoms, OC's or even Sailor Moon Characters outside SMRP. Sorry for the trouble.]
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Guys, you know this shot of the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse that sometimes popped up, as if this was the exterior view of Beryl’s throne room?

You guys remember how big Queen Metalia was implied to be?

I mean, I know she was a being born of radiation from the sun but, but what if the first time she fought the Senshi during the Silver Millennium, she had gained enough power to solidify at least enough to leave behind a corpse when Serenity sealed her away?

I know this might be a stretch, but since Metalia was just in gaseous form and needed to combine with Beryl to have a body… guys what if that giant face was METALIA’S SKULL.

What if her body was rotting beneath the Earth all this time and they had to extract her essence from the decayed bones… and then hollowed out her massive corpse and turned it into the Dark Kingdom?

What if she was trapped in that body for centuries before Beryl and the others got her out?

I figure I’m pretty much reaching, but it might help explain just what the fuck that face actually was this whole time.



"I don’t know the details. Elysion isn’t exactly in my realm of knowledge." She spoke truthfully.

"I was surprised by his presence not long ago. At a coffee shop. He seemed to be the same flirt he was before, and told me he had the impression we met before, however, he doesn’t seem to remember a thing."

Beryl frowned as she looked away for some seconds, trying to find what to say, but she found herself speechless. Those words made her so uncomfortable and sick, and suddenly many images from two years ago resurfaced in her mind.

The tea arrived, distracting her for a minute. She took a quick sip from the hot beverage. ”Bergamot…” She whispered after she tasted the tea. ” He used a cologne that smelled like it and Earl Grey is made of bergamot orange.” Beryl explained after some seconds of silence, looking up at her friend with a smile. ”I thought I would never be able to drink after… After everything. But I found myself drinking it more than ever.”

She sighed and shook her head gently. ” Thank you, for letting me know. Hopefully he won’t remember me either…But, is it wrong of me to ask more about him? I can’t help but to be… curious, I guess.”

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[Text:] How are you?


[text] busy. lonely. where are you?

[Text:] Two blocks away from the art gallery. Do you want coffee or tea?

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Dark Kingdom time!!

I’m continuing to love love love their theme! It’s so dark and mysterious. 


Those nails still look like they can kill someone. To bad they are not painted red. I feel like the nails should least have like a gloss on them so you want think that it’s flesh.

The Dark Kingdom lair is gorgeous with the columns everywhere and the green fire.. I know someone said this but with the snow falling you can tell they are at D-point and it’s freaking cold. 

Instead of Beryl sitting down like she does in the anime, she’s stand up like she was in the Manga and PGSM.  22 years in the same dress and still stylish. 

Two things about Beryl you can’t deny. 

Her taste in fashion and in men.. unf! :D 

Jade you are still looking good. I wonder will you still be around after episode 3. 


As for herself, Setsuna asked for Green Tea. She didn’t respond Beryl’s words for a while, as she internally debated what would be a good way to give such news.

"Hawk is back. I know this affect the girls but more important than them is that you should be aware that he is back."


No, definitely Beryl did not like surprises. She had expected it to be about the new threat, maybe some information or something that had happened to the girls… But not this.

”How?…” She felt stupid asking that. Of course he was back. It wasn’t something new that people from the past that had died, no matter what circumstances, could come back. She was one herself, but for some reason, she hoped this wouldn’t be the case.

It was a chapter that, with a lot of time, she had been able to forget about. But that was easier when she knew there were no possibilities of seeing him or hearing news about him. It was easier if he was dead for good. And now… What if she saw him on the street? The girls would talk about him too, they were close to him. How would she deal with it now?

”Is it… really him? I mean, does he remember anything?”


“I wish it was a friendly ‘let’s get together and chat mindlessly’ time but it appears that pleasantries escape from our radar more often than not.” She spoke quietly, analyzing her friend and yet keeping a pleasant smile on.

“It’s urgent because it’s something that really will affect you and your household. Do you want us to at least order beverages before getting to it, Beryl?”

Beryl sighed, clearly unpleased. ”How do expect me to stay calm and think about beverages when you say something like that?” But they were at a restaurant after. ”Alright, you are aright.”

Her red eyes scanned the place until she found a waiter, she gestured him to approach their table, not as politely as she would normally do. ”Earl Grey, please.” She quickly ordered and waited for Setsuna to do so as well.

”Will something happen to the girls?” Beryl asked once the waiter was gone. ” Is it about the monsters they’ve been fighting lately?”


"I loved a man who could never love me back. I was living in a fairytale."

Big Fish (2003) dir. Tim Burton 

(( Dreamed that a bunch of us got the black moon tattooed. ))