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Apparently I never draw Beryl.


Dark Kingdom favorites~

Could not find singles of Beryl and Jadeite for the life of me! So I got this picture of them together, taken by the lovely MissLink8908~

Come On! Cosplay: (Official Facebook)  (The Shizzennou feat. Queen B - Dark Kingdom Parody Page)


About to post some dorky pictures next.




"It can’t be…" Hawk was back? CereCere covered her pink lips, torn between happiness and worry. She missed him so much, more than he would ever know. She was part of the life she didn’t have anymore.

"Beryl… If I run into him I can’t just pretend I don’t know him, it’s be cruel." CereCere spoke quietly. "What do you want? I don’t want him to hurt you in anyway anymore."

” I know it’s hard to believe, I was pretty surprised myself as well…” She said as she rested her hand softly, for a brief moment, on the girl’s shoulder.

Beryl shook her head gently. ”No, CereCere, this has absolutely nothing to do with me. The choice is yours and only yours, my dear. If I didn’t want you or sisters to know about him, I wouldn’t have told you this but Setsuna and I don’t think he is dangerous anymore. The demons that controlled him before were destroyed by… by the Sailor Senshi. And you already have enough to worry about, the last thing you need to do is worry about someone like me.” She gave the girl a warm friendly smile. ” I have not met him myself yet and I’m not sure if I will, but don’t let my past interfere with your life, sweetie. I’m aware that you and your sisters have your own past with him, so if you decide to meet him I’ll be fine with it. But since we don’t know him, the new him, just be careful. I know you are strong and smart, and you can take care of yourself, but if you have any doubts or if anything happens you can come to me, you know that right? Not just him, if anything ever happens or if you feel like you need to talk about something, I’m here for you.”

She smiled and sighed softly. ” Sorry, there was something you wanted to tell me?”


"Girls always are, aren’t they~?"

Ikuko let of out a soft chuckle at the tease as Beryl smiled. Oh, the stories she recalled of Usagi’s schooling years, especially the early ones. But whatever her conversation buddy had to prepare for, it’d just make for fond memories of those girls later.

"Ah, it’s the same with you~ These are such eventful times for them, growing and learning as always, but discovering themselves even more at these ages~"

It may’ve been a subtle change in atmosphere, but Ikuko couldn’t help but feel a change in the mood in conversation when Chibi Usa became the topic. It wasn’t a bad change, just..

"No, Chibi Usa, her and Usagi grew so close when she was living with us, and they spent so much time at Mamoru-kun’s place, she just started to live there…"

Slight furrow of her brow.

"Usagi, too, sort of.. But, I haven’t talked to Usagi about where Chibi Usa was living since she got married. Newlyweds usually just make a love nest for themselves… But, she hasn’t said anything, so Chibi Usa must still be with her, right?"

It wasn’t Beryl being intrusive that was on her mind, that was the furthest thing from it. Pensively rubbing her thumb on her bottom lip, Ikuko’s concern was that she was unsure if Chibi Usa was with her daughter. She became lost in that thought rather easily.

Ikuko paused, her expression faltering for just a moment before her smile returned as a bashful one.

"Ah! Your basket must be getting heavy, right? And here I am just going on… Mm, if you want to keep chatting, we can. But, probably somewhere else where we can sit and lounge a bit?"

     When the other put down the basket, it could only be figured that it was getting heavy. Maybe if they continued on to make their purchases, they could easily find somewhere to sit and chat. But, Ikuko felt she was getting ahead of herself, assuming the other beautiful mother had nowhere else to be.

Beryl smiled politely and nodded friendly as the woman spoke, but the names that she kept pronouncing made Beryl shiver slightly. She tried her best to control herself and not show this nice woman how sick and disgusted that couple’s names made her feel.

” I see…” Was all she could pronounce as she bit her lower lip and stretched her long fingers, that were a bit sore after carrying that heavy basket. But not only her won face had changed, she could tell something that was in the woman’s mind bothered. That’s when Beryl realized she had no idea who Chibiusa was living with, the former Prince and Princess had not informed this woman where the girl was staying at.

And Beryl could only imagine how that could feel, not knowing where someone she considered her own daughter was. Her own mind would go insane if she didn’t know where any of her girls was staying at…

Her mind was telling her to leave, to just walk away and stop getting involved with that family. Specially with the mother of the one she hated the most… But this woman seemed to be very kind, honest and genuine, and in her heart Beryl felt sorry for her. As a mother herself, she felt the obligation to make the purple haired woman feel better, since she had information that could put her worries away.

Even if the rational thing would have been to walk away, Beryl smiled and nodded.

” That would be lovely.” She said. ” I already got everything I needed, so I can just pay for it and have it delivered to my house. Do you happen to know any nice place we could go around this area? Unless you were busy.”

Beryl leaned down when she realized she had not introduced herself. ” Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Beryl. Mio Beryl Kuroki.”



PSA that if your native language isn’t English and you took THE TIME TO LEARN ENGLISH AND RP IN ENGLISH you are actually hella cool and I understand if you make typos and grammar errors and I won’t judge you and I’ll probably just be all “Hey for future reference—-” because we all make mistakes. And if anyone is a dick to you about it, challenge them to RP in your native language and laugh when it translates to “Either the fish goes or next Thursday” or some shit.






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I finally have Internet I’m so happy I’m going to cry T3T.

So, basically, about 2-3 weeks ago there was this crazy scary storm and a thunder made the ‘Internet thing’ in my neighborhood die (THANKS SAILOR JUPITER!). It took the Internet company about a week to fix that, but the problem was that my modem (as well as other electronic things in my house) died, and the company took a really long time to send us a new one. Finally the new one arrived yesterday but I didn’t have time to install it until now. In the meantime, I don’t have a phone where I can use tumblr and because of my computer’s battery I couldn’t take it to some public place to use their wifi. But anyways, I’m back.

I know I owe a lot, as JunJun, Motoki, Beryl, Calaveras and Leto. Also SMRP thread, which are going to be my priority but please give me a couple of days to work on everything and catch up because it is a lot. If you want to link me to our thread please do so, it’ll be easier for me to get to them sooner. I would also like to know what’s been happening with the others characters but I don’t think I have enough time to read 2-3 weeks worth of threads. Can someone briefly tell me what’s been going on?

And lastly, my skype still isn’t working, I’m gonna try to fix it this weekend but I can’t promise anything. Basically, I had an old version that stopped working but the new version won’t work on my computer, I’ll see what I can do.

I really missed you all and I missed rp’ing and thank you for being so patient with me.

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Guuuys, my skype is still not working. I have no idea what it is and I tried a bunch of different things! So if you wanna contact or something, I’m mostly on this blog or on JunJun's. I'm still gonna try to make skype work because this is really annoying me.