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Hello, I am Queen Beryl, Commander of the Dark Kingdom . [I only RP strictly with SMRP IU, which means I don't RP with other fandoms, OC's or even Sailor Moon Characters outside SMRP. Sorry for the trouble.]
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Name: Queen Beryl

Fake Name: Mio Beryl Kuroki

Birthday: November 1st.


Occupation: Student at the Juuban Art College, Fashion Merchandising.

Likes: Tea, strawberry cake, books, Shakespear, Maria Callas, haute couture , Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Dior, Galliano, Red Wine.

Dislikes: Princes Serenity.

(This is my headcanon of Queen Beryl.)

Back in the Silver Millenium, Beryl was simply a human living in Earth, which was guarded by Prince Endymion, whom Beryl had felt in love with. The woman watched as Princess Serenity descended to her world to spend time with the Prince, breaking her heart. As this happened, the revolution started, where the Earth was tired of the monarchy of the Moon. Metallia saw Beryl’s pain, so she manipulated her and used her, giving her powers to guide the revolution making her Queen of the Dark Kingdom. With those powers, Queen Beryl manipulated the Four Heavenly Kings to stand against their Prince and work along her side.

In the 20th century, Queen Beryl was reincarnated in an archeologists woman’s body, but her memory and powers were asleep until Metallia woke her up, erasing every memory of that human life. With her powers regained and in charge once more of the Dark Kingdom, she woke up the Shitennou.

Queen Beryl was reborn in this time of period, she still has her powers and most of her memory. She doesn’t remember who she was before being possessed by Metallia during the Silver Millenium, or that she was an archeologist. She has no memory of those times at all, even though, she has nightmares sometimes about being an archeologist in the North Pole and being attacked by Metallia. ( Dream Diary here )

She is now living as a human in Tokyo, Japan, in a little red house in front of a park. She goes by the name of Mio Beryl Kuroki , but everyone still calls her Beryl. She’s currently a student of Fashion Merchandising at the Juuban Art College, where she needs to have a great fansihon sense and always stay ahead of new tendencies, which she is very good at.

Even though it was hard for her to get used to this era’s way of living, at first she found this life too boring, she didn’t see any sense in human’s lives, were there’s no magic. She still sees the Earth as a cruel and superficial world, were there’s even more evilness and cruelty than in her kingdom. All she sees in humans are boring creatures, who betray each other constantly, who only live to work and get more money. They don’t cherish love.

Although she hates the human race, she has fallen in love with the art of this world, specially books and fashion. She also like to eat sushi and strawberry cake, she also enjoys drinking tea, Earl Gray, and red wine. You will find her every morning in the park, reading a nice novel and drinking some tea and a piece of cake.

She only has two goals, first finding true love. She isn’t quite as secure as she seems when it comes to this subject, many men broke her heart and she fears this may happen again. But she is a strong woman, if she feels that she loves someone and she is loved back , nothing will stop her from wanting to be with that person.

She never got over the fact that Princess Serenity killed her while she was being possessed by Queen Metallia. She learned during this era how Sailor Moon saved and gave second chance to her former enemies, but she didn’t do that for Beryl. She killed her without any remorse, and wants to take revenge.

Beryl no longer has feelings for Endymion, but still hates Princes Serenity for stealing him away from her. Also, she had a brief relationship with Hawk’s Eye, whom she fell in love with. But that didn’t work out well at the end, and she was left heart broken once more. She’s trying to get over it, so she spends all her energy on her studies and reading. Beryl also became close to Setsuna, but after finding our her friends had spent the night with Hawk, they didn’t speak again since Beryl was deeply hurt and felt betrayed by her only friend. During that time, she was attacked by Tiger’s Eyes, who infected her with a Direa called Osmium.

Knowing she was infected with this creature, growing inside of her, and that her fate was doomed, she still decided to adopt PallaPalla after the girl didn’t have anywhere to go. They both became close, PallaPalla even started to call her Beryl-mama, but the woman knew she would eventually leave and PallaPalla would be left alone. That’s why she asked CereCere to move in with them to take care of PallaPalla while Beryl was out in a ”business trip”, but Beryl had told CereCere the truth. She hadn’t slept or eaten in months, she was thin, exhausted and hopeless, the Direa had grown too much and it was soon going to emerge. Beryl decided to lock herself in the abandoned Dark Kingdom to die alone, with her, Osmium her Direa.But thanks to Tiger’s Eye, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas and Sailor Junos, and with the man’s help, they were able to save Beryl by entering her dream world, finding her euphemide called Corundum and destroying Osmium.

Beryl soon got back to her normal life, she decided to drop out of college and dedicate herself to take care of PallaPalla. CereCere and JunJun also moved with them, and Beryl made them her priority. She also reconnected with Setsuna and they worked on their friendship, becoming close again. She also started to find the Shitennou, the first one being Jadeite where they met at a bookstore and things didn’t turn out good, they didn’t see each other again but Beryl managed to give him her phone number. She then met Nariaki, Nephrites reincarnation, who needed her to help him with her powers. She also met Caspian, Zoisite , and they became very close since they have a lot in common. Beryl still hasn’t met Kunzite, she knows she’s out there but she hasn’t seen him yet. But with each one of the Shitennou, she made sure to apologize for all the pain she caused, even if they didn’t want to forgive her.